Mountainview Hotel

The Mountain View Hotel. The Icon at the top end of Bridge Road Richmond.
Through Many years Commercial Furniture by Design has specifically built and supplied various furniture concepts with the latest being the Top Observation deck with 360 degree views of Melbourne and the MCG. 

This latest rooftop renovation was featured in the AHA magazine as one of the best outdoor entertainment area providing spectacular views,modern and comfortable seating and the ability to cater for large groups and or functions situated in inner Melbourne.

An amazing feat in construction the forth floor roof top. Commercial Furniture by Design manufactured higher stainless steel furniture to give the hotel patrons the best views of the surrounding area, With the strength and durability and aesthetics' of solid jarrah timber and polished stainless steel frames.

The lower floors have unique boat shape beer rests with stainless steel edges and disc bases with lounge and dinning to match accordingly.

The front area has simular stainless steel furniture to that above.

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